Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Consistant vs. Inconsistant


1. Rain: comes and goes like the wrath of a two-year old. A cloud ruptures over La Unión and sheets pour down with such temper that we can’t shout over it. There is purple lightening. The power goes out. This lasts between four minutes or four hours – and then, the rain is gone. I’ve seen more rainbows – double rainbows! – in three months here than I’ve seen total in my past eighteen years of life. And I don’t mind the rain, unless I’m carrying my computer. What scares me is that everyone and everything here depends on the harvest, and the harvest depends on rain, and the rain has a two-year old’s attention span.

2. Transportation: Whether it is the bus, a neighbor’s truck or our motorcycles, it is never a guarantee. It seems that something always needs to be fixed. Combine that with rough and muddy roads that shred tires or make it impossible to travel, you have to come complacently face that in La Union getting somewhere doesn’t have to be everything. In addition, it is amazing how quickly you can get something running again with little resources. Have you ever seen someone fix a broken clutch with a spool of wire and a pair of pliers.

3. Tap water: a wider range of hues than we’re comfortable seeing.


1. Gilberto and Martir: our field workers have amazing tolerance for the tempers of rain, sun, and motorcycles. Every day, without fail, they take on the mountains with this spastic moto to conduct repayment and training meetings in the aldeas. The fact that they aren’t deterred at all by the elements is immensely admirable..

2. Repayment rates: An amazing phenomenon has been happening and we are pleasantly shocked. Clients have begun to repay more than is due at meetings so that they have less to pay later.

3. Beans: every meal. We like them, though.

Keeping you posted,



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