Monday, January 16, 2012

Beneficio Update: Almost finished!

Construction continues well at the beneficio! We are in the final stages before being able to start processing. We finished installing the shelves on the first solar dryer, which means it is ready to start drying coffee.

The correteo is almost completed, we just need to smooth walls, lay the floor, and add another faucet before it can be used to sort coffee. This should be done in the next three days!

We also painted all of the tanks white. We started with two coats of sealant, which will prevent the tanks from absorbing dirt or water which could negatively affect quality, and then we finished the tanks with a latex paint. Much more than aesthetic work, this will provide three important functions. First, and most importantly, this will help us to keep the most important parts of the beneficio extremely clean. Much as critical areas in hospitals are kept white to ensure cleanliness, the white paint will help us see any dirt as we clean these areas daily. Second, the sealant will prevent the tanks from absorbing dirt or other contaminants. And third, this will help to protect these areas from sun or rain damage.

There are only four steps left before we are able to start processing. We are connecting the water system and performing flow tests as I write this update, the correteo is being finalized, and we will be installing the depulper as soon as the water system has been tested. The water treatment system only needs tubes to be connected over the next few days. Check back soon to read more as we finalize these and get ready to start processing coffee!


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