Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beneficio Update 5: Finishing Walls and Laying Floors

Things continue to progress well at the Beneficio. We have been working on the main structure, and it is looking more and more like a processing center. The fermentation tanks are built, and are in the process of being smoothed out. After this, we will add the exits for coffee and ferment water and they will be ready to go.

The walls are finished, with a small area built in for storage of equipment and coffee as we process.

We are in the process of laying the floor and building the sorting and de-stoning apparatus. Cement will be laid by the end of the week.

We held a meeting this past Sunday afternoon to update farmers on progress and continue getting feedback from them. They were very excited to see things coming along well, and we discussed transportation issues. Some farmers are planning on sharing horses to bring coffee—by alternating days of picking, producers who live in villages near La Unión can bring their coffee without paying for transport. Other farmers are working to coordinate picking so that they can share a truck and keep their transport costs low.

Up next: finishing fermenting tanks, the storage room, laying cement for the floor, and beginning to install the water system. Check back for more updates!


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