Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beneficio, Update 2: Construction begins

The road that we started to build last week is now being used to bring supplies and workers (by car, truck, bike, wheelbarrow, and foot) to the construction site. We built a cement
bridge to drain water under the road so it won’t collect at the bottom of the hill and wash out the road.

At the end of the road we have almost finished 2-meter-deep hole. We will soon start laying brick to create a 3,700 gallon holding tank for the water that we will collect and use for coffee processing. This tank is designed to hold enough water for a week, and will provide all the water needed to run the beneficio.

We’ve also put up the supports for the roof of the vermiculture site. The vermiculture will serve a dual purpose—in addition to providing organic fertilizer from coffee pulp, the roof is designed to collect rainwater and run it into the holding tank. This way we won’t be taking water from the city system, leaving more water for town residents and ensuring that we are always using uncontaminated water.

Finally, work has begun on the beneficio itself – lines are up as guides, and we are preparing the supports that will be installed for the floor of the structure. New materials are coming to the site every day as work continues on the beneficio.

Up next: putting the roof on the vermiculture, laying bricks for the water tanks, and laying the beneficio foundation. Stay tuned for more!


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