Thursday, March 3, 2011

Michael De Wit: El Vaquero (The Cowboy)

Michael De Wit, or Vaquero (Cowboy) since his early days in Honduras, is not your high-noon quick drawing cowboy. Instead, he brings an adventurous and investigative spirit, and provides concrete ethics for the Unión MicróFinanza (UMF) team.

Mike was on the original research team that set the foundation for UMF. From his very first days in Honduras, Mike wore the traditional Honduran sombrero. While most North Americans look ridiculous in such attire, Mike, with his lengthy stature and distinguished facial lines, pulled the look off remarkably well. If you combine his adventurous spirit and light hearted nature with his stylish sombrero, you get a first class cowboy.

Mike has always adhered closely to the research side of UMF's efforts. With a background in anthropology from the University of Michigan, it is easy for others to see his keen passion for research. The consequential result of his passion is a caring, calculated, and thorough observational method; motivated by increasing the livelihood of the Honduran people.

Mike has an intuitively strong sense of ethics that provides a moral compass for the team. Because of his intuition and desire for the application of research to how UMF solves issues of poverty, he can see and understand the short-term and long-term implications of a project.

He may be the cowboy, but he is not your reckless, shoot-em up kind. If he was cast in his own Honduran style western flick, he would be the strong, well grounded protagonist who seeks justice on the frontier. Outwitting the lawless foes seeking to create chaos within civil order.

And that is Mike: The Cowboy, the Compass, and the Researcher.

By Andrew Boyd


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