Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beans Part I (aka. The Harvest is Here)

The highlight of my day today was beans. I was sitting on the porch taking care of a few things when Martir came up on the motorcycle, with a bunch of bean plants slung over his shoulder. Turns out these weren’t just any beans, though; we had our normal payment and training meeting in Chimisal today, and they were beans given to us by Dolores Rodriguez of Chimisal.

These were the beans from her family’s frijolar (bean field). She had harvested these beans earlier this week, beans which were grown only thanks to a loan from UMF. She was so excited about her harvest, she sent Martir and Gilberto home with as many beans as they could carry as a way to say ‘thanks’ to UMF.

So, from Dolores of Chimisal, thanks to everybody who has helped UMF make this happen. Until next time, adios.



  1. I'm sorry, aren't you back in the States? WHEN was this?

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