Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome (Bienvenida) to Union MicroFinanza

Dear Family, Friends, UMF Members and Newcomers,

We, the UMF Team, are excited to welcome you to the official blog of Union MicroFinanza! We hope with this blog to form an informative, creative and personal connection with you beyond our website and e-mail. Through short updates, informational articles, guest posts, personal stories and pictures, we hope to open a door that gives you a glimpse of our daily mission. We hope to connect you to us, to our work and most importantly to the people of Honduras.

I hope you are willing to come along for the journey. Those of you who have been with us so far, we are happy that we will have a uniform and personal way to reach you. For those of you who are new, we hope this gives you a better picture of who we are.

We encourage all to participate! Add your comments, submit your stories, send in your pictures. What we have done in Honduras has never been about one single person. It has been a very unique experience in which many people have been an integral part. Remain, Become, Be a part.

Thank you,

The Union MicroFinanza Team


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